Download buku-buku Arsitektur, Interior dan Landscape part 5

BBC Design Rules (2009) | RAR 2 Gb
“BBC Design Rules” – a series of 6 films on the basic rules of interior design. All examples are shown in real living rooms – with all their peculiarities and drawbacks.

Country: United KingdomGenre: Educational VideoDuration: 6 films for 30 min.; Total – 180 min.Language: EnglishFormat: AVIVideo Codec: XviDAudio codec: MPEG AudioVideo: 736×400 25fpsAudio: ch2 48 000gts 165kb \ sec
Description:First – this series is not only and not just for designers! All 6 films targeting those who live on a limited living space and is surrounded by “agrarofobnyh” items (sofas, cupboards, tables, etc.) in the UK – are residents of houses of the Victorian era. According to the authors – these houses are not very useful for living beings, whose vision is the leading modality, ie people. Having listened carefully to their arguments, it becomes clear that we had to unsuitable category applies to 99% of all apartments and houses.
Second – it does not show how beautiful you can do if nothing to do with money and time. This is a training film series (to the extent that the BBC is able to do them) about what needs to be changed in his home.
The third – a spectacle at the intersection of style, psychology and principles of a healthy lifestyle. All ideas and suggestions expressed not from the standpoint of beauty (although she’s ever seen), and from a position of importance for humans. Effect of color, lighting effect, internal comfort and discomfort, the influence of environment in the room, the dependence of clearance room on its purpose, etc.In general, after viewing the first film can be seen on the sides and make a lot of “discovery”. Many tips and advice from this series can be accounted for, without spending a lot of time and money.
1. Space and Planning (Space and Planning).We tend to live in small, poorly lit homes. Llewelyn-Bowen (Llewelyn-Bowen) – Senior – explains and shows how to make a tiny room visually more spacious. No chipping of the walls and outhouses. Simply relying on the features of our perception.2. Color (Colour).Llewelyn-Bowen talks about how color affects everything that surrounds us, our self-awareness. How can I control the color. And shows examples – “before” and “after”. Shows how to integrate or, conversely, dissonant colors in the same room, or in neighboring ones.3. Light (Light).People are becoming more and more often spend their time indoors, and the use of light becomes a serious issue. Llewelyn-Bowen demonstrates how to change the room, using the maximum natural light, and what effects can be achieved by working “atmospheric” lighting. Standard light bulbs, which are buying up all over the world in huge quantities – not the best option. In addition, the light has a color, but this option is not available in all regions perceived equally. In cold countries like warm light (yellow), and in hot – on the contrary.4. Textures and Patterns (Textures and Pattern).Llewelyn-Bowen explains and demonstrates that different textures are important factors to consider for successful interior design. Lovely fabric cushions on a luxurious leather sofa can have an incredibly disharmonious effect. What sofas, many in clothes that do not.5. Balance and order (Balance and Order).What are the main focal point is in the room and how they can be used? This, of course, is not about the dangers of disorder. Speech about the dangers of improper placement of objects and furniture. Again, given the peculiarities of our perception, habits and body composition.6. Personality (Personality).The final film in the series Llewelyn-Bowen demonstrates how the rules of design can be applied to create an interior with all the individual preferences. Indeed, in the end, all this in order to not only feel good about themselves, but also look good in the eyes of others. Hence, the design can and should take into account their individual

Landscape Architecture – April 2010PDF | 165 pages | 72.7 Mb | EnglishLandscape Architecture – the magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architects provides timely information on built landscapes and new techniques for ecologically sensitive planning and design.

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