Zaha Hadid (Biografi)

Born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1950, Zaha Hadid was the first woman to win a Pritzker Architecture Prize. Her work experiments with new spatial concepts and encompasses all fields of design, ranging from urban spaces to products and furniture.


October 31, 1950 in Baghdad, Iraq


  • 1977: AA Diploma, Architectural Association School of Architecture in London
  • Mathematics at American University of Beirut in Lebanon

Important Projects:

Proposed Projects:

Zaha Hadid has many other projects in various stages of development. They include:

Other Works:

Zaha Hadid is also known for her exhibition designs, stage sets, furniture, paintings, and drawings.


  • Zaha Hadid worked at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture with her former teachers, Rem Koolhaas and Elia Zenghelis
  • In 1980, Zaha Hadid opened her own practice, Zaha Hadid Architects

Major Awards:

  • 1982: Gold Medal Architectural Design, British Architecture for 59 Eaton Place, London
  • 2000: Honourable Member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • 2002: Commander of the British Empire
  • 2004: Pritzker Architecture Prize

About Zaha Hadid:

From parking garages and ski-jumps to vast urban landscapes, Zaha Hadid’s works have been called bold, unconventional, and theatrical. Zaha Hadid studied and worked under Rem Koolhaas, and like Koolhaas, she often brings a deconstructivistapproach to her designs.Zaha Hadid was the first woman to win a Pritzker Architecture Prize. Learn more: Citation from the Pritzker Prize Jury.


Zaha Hadid on the Web

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