Tutorial Modeling Interior pada 3ds Max

Digital-tutors : Modeling Interiors in 3ds Max
English | Video: svq3, yuvj420p, 788×648, 1383 kb/s | Audio: mp3, 22050 Hz, s16 | 1.94Gb
Genre: Video training
Learn a production workflow to interior set modeling and time-saving techniques that can be used in Film, Games, and Architectural Visualizations. Contains 5.5 hours of project-based training. Perfect for intermediate artists.

Popular highlights include:

AEC Walls
AEC Foliage
Parametric Doors
Parametric Windows
Parametric Stairs
Customizing Parametric Objects
Editing Parametric Objects
Creating Complex Shapes with Splines
Using Booleans on Geometry and Splines
Inserting Edge Loops with Connect
Drawing Geometry with Cut Tool
Cloning Geometry, Shapes, and Sub-objects
Adding Thickness with Shell Modifier
Lattice Modifier
Adding Surface Detail with Paint Deformation
Working with Primitives
Sweep Modifier
Sections with Sweep Modifier
Rendering Splines
Adding Resolution to Spline Segments
Editing Splines
Extracting Splines with Section
Converting Edge Selections to Splines
Using Extrude, Bevel, and Inset
Linking Objects Together
Noise Modifier
Attaching and Detaching Splines and Geometry
Modifier Stack
Instancing Geometry
Lathe Modifier
Adding Thickness to Splines with Modifiers
Working with Groups

Lesson Outline:
1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Building the walls of the room
3. Adding windows
4. Building the front door
5. Creating the vaulted ceiling
6. Adding the floor and ceiling
7. Adding trim along the ceiling and floor
8. Building the stairway
9. Cutting out the elevated doorway
10. Adding a television to the front wall
11. Starting the large shelf along the front
12. Finishing the shelf
13. Creating and positioning recessed lighting
14. Building the window coverings
15. Finishing the window coverings
16. Starting on the sofa
17. Refining the sofa
18. Finishing the sofa
19. Adding legs to the sofa
20. Modeling the coffee table
21. Completing the coffee table
22. Starting the fireplace
23. Refining the fireplace
24. Finishing the fireplace
25. Beginning the chair model
26. Refining the chairs
27. Completing the chairs
28. Adding pillows to the chairs and sofa
29. Building the wall art and shelves with splines
30. Adding small plants near the steps
31. Building the large plant
32. Creating wall art using Section splines
33. Building the mesh sculpture
34. Modeling the AV component
35. Building the overhead light fixture
36. Modeling the track lighting
37. Modeling the floor lamp
38. Adding the handrail
39. Adding a knob to the door
40. Building the picture frames
41. Adding area rugs

Total Run Time:

Online Bonus Content:
1. Creating a basic framework for the sofa
2. Adding thickness and resolution
3. Adding seams to the frame and cushions
4. Adding irregularities with Paint Deformation
5. Adding the pillows


Download Filesonic

Download Wupload

Download Uploadstation


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