Architectural Visualization in 3DS Max Part 1,2,3

Architectural Visualization in 3DS Max Part 1,2,3
1.76 GB | format MKV | all 3 parts | English
Genre: eLearning
The Architectural Visualization sets are unique amongst architectural training sets in that they actually show you everything, from the setting out of the walls with your DWG file in set 1 to furnishing the apartment in set 2. Now the circle closes with texturing, lighting and rendering in set 3.

Throughout the course of several drives is presented:

– Simulation Plan five-room apartment from cad file
– real working doors and windows – no assembly of the Max
– Small parts, like electrical outlets and light switches
– simulation of each separate room from the kitchen to bath
– texturing all the objects in the room, using maps displaying textures and materials of multiple subjects
– lighting of the interior, using various types of lighting from the total light, lighting lamps to light photometric groups of light sources
– rendering of the interior for use in your 3D gallery

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