Public Lecture oleh Terry McGee


Universitas Indonesia’s Architecture & Planning Public
Lecture Series

“Envisaging the Future of Southeast Asia’s Mega-Urban
Regions: Challenges of Development and Sustainability”
by Terry
G. McGee (University of British Columbia)

Monday, Sept 19th 2011, 4PM

Auditorium K301
Faculty of Engineering
UI Campus, Depok

About Terry Mcgee

Widely known as the intellect behind the concept of desakota, Terry McGee is a Professor and
Former Director 
of the Institute of Asian Research (IAR) at the 
University of
British Columbia. Earning his MA and Ph.D. in Geography from University of
Wellington, Prof. McGee had significantly contributed in teaching and research
in the area of urbanization in developing countries, 
The Pacific Rim, and
particularly South East Asia 
Geography of Development. McGee had been awarded
UBC’s Isaac Killam Research Prize in 1996 and 
Erskine Fellowship from
University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2000. His past experiences
include being a consultant to United Nations Development Program, International
Development Research Centre, Canadian International Development Agency, and
the UN Centre for Human Settlements. McGee is the co-author of very
important publications such as The Mega-Urban
Regions of Southeast Asia – Policy Challenges and Response (1995)New Geographies of the Asia Pacific Region (1997) and The Silent Debate: Asian
Immigration and Racism in Canada (1997).

Ahmad Gamal, S.Ars., M.Si., M.U.P.

Master of Urban Planning (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010)
Master of Arts in Communication Management (London School of Public Relations, 2008)
Bachelor of Architecture (University of Indonesia, 2005)


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