Undangan Seri Presentasi dan Diskusi Arsitektur UPH – “Fabrication and It’s impact to Architectural Design Practices”

Fabrication & It’s Impact To Architectural Design Practice


Fabrication technology and BIM has been slowly intercepting the way we
design and practice architecture. Many experimentation on details and
materials were conducted. Form and shape of buildings become more
playable. Based on this facts, there are three impacts on how we do

1. On how we understand architecture.
in his
book “space and place”, Yi-Fu Tuan stated that space is freedom, place
is a pause. The statement is responding to the facts that spaces are
binded to certain planned programmes in order to become a place. With
this technologies, Yi-Fu Tuan’s definition is redefined. Freedom and
pause can be blurred and are irrelevant anymore?; (I.e. In blobish
architecture such as Hadid, NOX, etc). Kieran and Timberlake boldly
proclaimed that ‘types no longer exist’. Jonathan Hill from Bartlet also
mentioned that in reality, programming usually is formulated by
spontaneous/accidental activities of its user (his terms ‘creative
user’). Thus, does it justify that architecture design is all about
endless redefinition of space? Architects becomes a’ tyrant’ (master
builder) who determine solely the space/place for its user?

2. On how we draw architecture
to make it brief, there is words by Peter Zumthor that is precisely suitable for this:

“Among all the drawings produces by architects, my favorites are the
working drawings. Working drawing are detailed and objectives. Created
for the craftsmen who are to give the imagined object a material form,
they are free of associative manipulation. They do not try to convince
and impressed like project drawing. They seem to be saying: this is
exactly how it will look .

Working drawings are like anatomical
drawings. They reveal something of the secret inner tension that the
finished architectural body is reluctant to divulge: the art of joining,
hidden geometry, the friction of materials, the inner forces of bearing
and holding , the human work that inherent in man made things ……..”
The technology will really bring back the total craftsmanship virtue into a architect’s practice?

2. On how we practice architecture.

The ability of doing mass-customization, is the revolution of this
advancement of cad/cam technologies. However this advancement required
one important factor. A good (accurate) quality control in building
industry is necessary. Otherwise the advancement would be irrelevant to
be considered. the key discourse on fabrication is ability to control
high permutation of information in a consistent manner. In Indonesia,
artisan still plays important role in building industries. Therefore
customization is still possible and not expensive. However inconsistency
of process/product or the flow of information is the inevitable excess.
This panel discussion aims to discuss this proposition by relating to architectural practice/theory in our own context.

Hari/Tanggal | Kamis, 8 Oktober 2011
Waktu | Pk. 19.00 – 21.00 WIB
Tempat | Universitas Pelita Harapan, Karawaci, Tangerang
Presented By University of Pelita Harapan and IAI – Jakarta

Keynote Speaker :

1. Wan Azhar Wan Sulaiman, B. Arch, M.Arch (CODA – Singapore)
2. Tsuto Sakamoto, B. Eng, M.Eng, M. Sci (NUS – Singapore)

Biaya Peserta:
Anggota IAI Jakarta | Rp. 100.000, –
Non Anggota IAI Jakarta / Umum | Rp. 150.000, –
Mahasiswa | Rp. 50.000, –

Nilai KUM :

Pendaftaran :
Melalui Formulir Registrasi Online : http://iai-jakarta.org/?scr=09.01&selectAgenda=117

Pendaftaran dibuka dari hari Senin, 28 November dan akan ditutup pada
hari Rabu, 7 Desember 2011 pukul 15.15 WIB. Pendaftaran hanya melalui
tata cara tersebut diatas.

Kumpul di lobby JDC (Jakarta Design Center), Slipi, dan registrasi ulang Kamis, 8 Desember 2011 Pk. 15.30-16.55 WIB.

Berangkat bersama via Bus dari Lobby Gedung JDC pk. 17.00 WIB. Tempat terbatas!

(contact person: Michael Lim 081288878685 dan email g.michael.lim@gmail.com)

Bank Mandiri Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia 117-00-9000-6925 atau
BCA Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia Jakarta 0844-525-555

Untuk Informasi lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi :
Sekretariat IAI Jakarta
Jakarta Design Centre Lt. 7
Jln. Gatot Subroto Kav. 53
Jakarta Barat
Telp. 021 – 530 4719


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