Network & Sharing GBC Indonesia

Network dan Sharing GBC Indonesia | Publikasi 1
What is Bio Climatic Architecture and how this way of design can provide benefits to users, designers, and planet. Seeing the potential of bio-climatic design and what the market opportunities that can be captured.
Monday, 13 February 2012 14.00 – 17.00 PM Flamboyant Room, 6th floor Jakarta   Design Center Gatot Subroto street Kav. 53 Jakarta.
–    Speaker introduction by moderator , Mr. Prasetyoadi (Architect & Urban Planner, Core Founder GBC Indonesa)
–    Presentation regarding BIOCLIMATIC Architecture by Mr. Nigel Grier, Manager Land, Water & Resources (The GreenAsia Group)
–    Presentation regarding LINKAGE BEYOND Bioclimatic Architecture by Harry Hirsch, Sustainable expert in Green Building (German Center)
–    Membership Presentation from GBC INDONESIA & Corporate Member

KUM : 4,5
Umum          : Rp 200.000 ,- Anggota IAI & Non Anggota : Rp 150.000 ,- Mahasiswa    : Rp 100.000 ,-
Pendaftaran ditutup pada Senin, 13 Februari 2012 jam 13.00 WIB dan ditransfer melalui rekening IAI Jakarta ke :
BCA : 0844525555 Mandiri : 1170090006925

Sekretariat Pengurus Daerah IAI Jakarta
………. Architect for People………………


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