KLIFD – Signature Tower International Design Competition


(a) This Competition is organized by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM)

in collaboration with International Union of Architects (UIA)

and promoted by 1MDB Real Estate Sdn Bhd (1MDB RE)

(b) The Signature Tower will anchor Kuala Lumpur International Financial District (KLIFD) in three significant ways.

(i) Firstly, it will serve as the primary physical marker of the

KLIFD on the city scale, and will become an important addition to the Kuala Lumpur skyline, both through its height (approximately 380 meters) and its high level of architectural design.

(ii) Secondly, as a result of the tower’s siting, it will be framed

dramatically by flanking buildings, thus creating a powerful and

elegant composition for drivers and passengers of vehicles arriving from the Maju Express (MEX) and Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2).

(iii) Thirdly, the Signature Tower will, also as a result of the carefully considered siting, terminate the major pedestrian access to KLIFD from the Bukit Bintang area. It will thus provide a dramatic backstop for KLIFD at both the pedestrian and city scale.

(c) In addition to fulfilling its role as the site’s primary landmark, the

Tower will provide a home for the KLIFD’s anchor tenant.

Commanding views of the KLIFD Public Green as well as all of Kuala Lumpur will be a signature of the building.

info lebih detail dapat di download di :



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