Desain ID 2012, 5-8 September 2012, JCC

Desain ID is Indonesia’s biennial Interior Design Exhibition,set to be the benchmark of the nation’s interior design progression.
The event brings the nation’s most creative minds together,thus it stages innovative dsigns and lively spirit through its global showcase.

The event is a platform that assembles designers and other related experts,with objectives to gain synergy, appreciation and awareness towrd improve interior design professions. Desain ID will be potentially developed as an inspirations gateway for its eager and creative audiences.

By embracing Indonesia’s rich heritage and diversities, Desain ID will also challenge national designers to be culturally savvy yet dare to celebrate fresh ideas.

As a part of the creative industries, designers and other realted stakeholders’ needs to be synergized to enhance the interior design industry and to deliver positive outputs for economic development.

Participant Advantage
1. Designers 1. Abreast new ideas
2. Interior Industry 2. Enhance knowledge
3. Education / University 3. Relight your design sense
4. Government 4. Gather with national and international designers community
5. Public / Others

Who should attend? Supporting Programs
1. Designers 1. Conference
2. Government Representation 2. Award Night
3. Researchers & Consultants 3. etc.
4. Public / Others

Conference & Design Salon Themes:
1. Cosmic Beyond Space
2. Technology, Space & Creativity
3. Green Technology Update
4. Digital Printing for Space
5. The Emergence of C Generation
6. New Craft Design
7. Cosmic Lighting

Keynote Speakers:
Kenya Hara (MUJIi’s Art Director & Board of Comission)
Naning Adiwoso
Leslie Lu
Gaby de Abreu
Julia Chiu (ICOGRADA’s President ) ICOGRADA is world body for professional communication desifn and visual communication)

For further information,just visit


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