Joint Design Workshop 2012 Open Presentation: Alternative Helicopter

Open Invitation:

“Joint Design Workshop 2012 Open Presentation: Alternative Helicopter” 

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) Japan

Department of Architecture Universitas Indonesia

Cikini-Ampiun, Jakarta

September 15th 2012, 1 PM

Alternative Helicopter?

A small river is running through high populated residential area of Cikini-Ampiun. However, this river is filled with garbage and has poor sanitary condition. People are not aware of the value of this river.

There used to be more than ten bridges over this river. These were not just bridges, but used as toilets. These toilets from where people excrete directly into the river were alled “Helicopter”. Most helicopter were abolished, and only two of them remains until today.

Our workshop will explore “Alternative Helicopter”, which gives people a chance to reevaluate the river. In order to turn the river into a place for relaxation and a playground for children, we want to create an architectural installation local people.


7 students (UI)

5 students (Chiba University)

1 students (Kyoto University)


Akiko Okabe (Chiba University)

Evawani Ellisa (Universitas Indonesia)

Tomohiko Amemiya (Architect, Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Contact (Tsuguta Yamashita)

08567253334 (Mirzadelya Devanastya, UI)

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